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Preteen Pics

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 07:36:27 ESTFrom: INSILVA92aol.comSubject: The Drama Coach.THIS IS A HOMOSEXUAL FICTION, IF IT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO READ SUCH MATERIALPLEASE LEAVE NOW. IF NOT I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT.I've got to tell somebody about what happened to me this afternoon aftercollege. My last lesson was Drama and the Teacher, Mr. Grant, asked me to staybehind to go through a few things. I told him OK, and nervously waited at my deskuntil the rest of the class had left. Mr. Grant closed the door, and, as Isoon found out, locked it. Mr. Grant is also a Coach on the Swim Team. He'sabout 35, white, 6ft. 4 with a muscled body and a nice firm round ass, and he'sgot a big package. I'd checked him out at swim meets. I'm Franky, I'm just 17,Hispanic, 5ft. 9, average build. My friends tell me I'm good looking. My cockis 5 inches, uncut. I don't know if I'm queer or not, but lately I've beenchecking out a lot of the guys and teachers at college. In fact for the last fewmonths me and Joey, a classmate, have been having mutual jack-off sessions inmy bedroom. Two nights ago we even held each others dicks! It felt a bitweird, but good. And I'm always on the net looking at gay porn sites. I love theones with photos of young guys getting fucked by older guys, it really turns meon. Apart from Joey no one else has ever touched my dick. For the last fewmonths when I wank off alone I always stick a finger up Preteen Pics my hole, it feels great.Anyway back to class (lol). Mr. Grant came up to my desk and sat on it. Itwas a hot day and we were both wearing shorts and T-shirts."Franky," he said, I looked up, "You're doing well in class, but there areone or two things we need to go over, nothing serious." His tone was realfriendly and I relaxed. He continued, "I think you're too wooden in the scenewhere you kiss Rosa, there's no passion, you seem frightened to express youremotions, so I think we'd better practice it some.""You and me Sir?" I stuttered "No way, I couldn't kiss another guy, that'sgross." (But the thought of kissing this big hunk sort off turned me on, and Ifelt my cock stirring in my shorts) "And anyway, someone might walk in andcatch us. What would they think?"He held out his hand and showed me the door key. He winked as he put it inhis pocket."Joey," he sighed, "don't you want to be an actor? You need to learn torelax, and I know I can teach you. Just pretend I'm Rosa." He smiled broadly.I burst out laughing, the size of him and the size of little Rosasuperimposed in my mind.He joined in my laughter. "All right well start out with you as Rosa and meas you.""I dunno Sir, it would be embarrassing. Wouldn't it be queer like?""Stop arguing and stand up boy!" he barked out as he slid off the desk. Icouldn't help noticing that his package was looking bigger than when he satdown, "We're going to do this whether you like it or not!"I was intimidated by the harshness of his tone, all his friendliness andhumour had disappeared, but I stood up."We'll do it on stage, come on follow me."His tone was that of teacher and pupil, all mateyness Preteen Pics gone. The scenery onstage was the inside of a barn, with a few hay stacks scattered about. They wereactually small tables covered with painted cloths. When we were both on stagehe took me in his arms and kissed me full on the lips. I was gobsmacked. Iwas even more gobsmacked when his tongue tried to force it's way into my mouth.I wouldn't let his tongue in, in fact I was getting a bit scared, he was areally big guy compared to me.He broke away, still holding me tightly. "Come on you little prick teaser.You know you want it. I've seen you eyeing up all the guys and male teachingstaff. You're just begging for my big thick prick, I know it." And he pushed hisleg between mine, rubbing his hard thigh against my crotch. I could feel hiscock lengthening down the leg of his shorts, it felt massive. He rubbed itagainst my leg."You're going Preteen Pics to love sucking on my big juicy cock. Then you're going tolove the feel of it up your tight Spic fanny."I was getting worried now, I might fancy sucking on a cock, but I certainlydidn't want to get fucked. "Please Preteen Pics Sir, no Sir," I implored him, "this iswrong, I've never sucked a cock before, and I'm a virgin back there."He leered down at me, his eyes sparkling. "Just what I wanted to hear Franky,a nice virgin mouth and a nice tight boy fanny to break in, lovely." Helicked his lips.Turning me around he pushed me face down on the table, and lay his heavy bodyon mine, trapping me. My heart was hammering, I could feel his big cockthrobbing between my ass cheeks, it felt so big I was sure it would tear my holeapart. Suddenly he reached forward and tied a gag around my mouth cutting off myprotests. He must have had practice, he was so quick. He lay heavily on mybody and held my extended arms tightly. He was so big I could hardly move, but Isquirmed as much as I could. As big as he was I couldn't see how he couldhave sex with me if I didn't co-operate, short of knocking me out or drugging me.He put my arms together and Preteen Pics held them with his left hand, he was so strong Icouldn't break free. His right hand went into the waistband of my shorts andhe yanked them down to my knees."Kick them off boy." He ordered.I Preteen Pics shook my head no, I wasn't going to assist in my own rape.THWACK! "DO IT" he said in a loud voice as he brought his meaty hand downhard across my ass.I jolted forwards and screamed into the gag. It hurt! And I quickly kickedoff my shorts."Good you're here!" he said "Close the curtains so no one can see the stagefrom out side, then tie his legs to the table."Someone else was in the room! They must have come in through the Stage Door.I tried Preteen Pics to turn my head to see who it was, but Mr. Grant put his right hand onthe back of my head and held it tightly so that I couldn't turn it. I heardthe curtains swish shut, and seconds later someone grabbed my right ankle andtied it to the table leg. He did the same with my left so that they werestretched wide apart. Then he came forwards and as Mr. Grant held my head steady heblindfolded me."Relax your arms," he said in a familiar voice that I couldn't quite place, "you'll be here for a while and if I tie you up while you're tensed up yourmuscles will ache."Taking one of my arms he tied it to the table leg at the wrist, he did thesame with the other. Mr. Grant raised off me. There I was, naked, spread-eagled,my ass open to the world, and totally helpless, completely at their mercy!Mr. Grant took hold of my head and held it steady, Preteen Pics pointing forwards as theother guy, standing behind me, removed the blindfold and the gag. I think myjaw dropped, Mr. Grant was naked, and his cock matched his build. It must havebeen all of 10 inches long, it was uncut, thick, and veiny. His knob was thick,bulbous, and bright red with a really wide cock-slit. After the protuberantcorona the shaft was the same thickness all the way down to a mass of blackcurly pubes. The big red knob glistened with precum, which was dribbling from hiscock-slit."Sweet Jesus!" I gasped, "I can't take that, it would tear me apart. You can't do this to me, it isn't right. I'm going to tell my Mom about what you're doing to me, you'll be in big trouble." I was trying to show him I wasn'tscared, but I was nearly in tears.THWACK! The other guy smacked my ass, hard. "Ouch, that hurts!" I cried outin pain."Shut up!" Mr. Grant ordered, "and listen very carefully."I shut up."There are 3 options." He continued. "One you tell on me, but I have analibi set up that puts me miles from here. Two you take it like a man then walkaway and accept it as part of growing up. Or three, you try to relax and learnto enjoy it. The choice is yours. Now open your mouth and start sucking myprick, and if it is really your first time watch your teeth."I was so confused, he'd really planned this well, I just didn't know what todo. I decided to go with the flow and see what happened, maybe they'd untieme at some stage and I could escape. I prayed that they wouldn't damage me. SoI opened my mouth."That's better," said Mr. Grant, "you may end up enjoying this, others have."With that he moved forward and placed the tip of his cock in my mouth."Lick it first," he instructed, "then start to suck."I tentively licked the end of his thick knob, tasting his precum, it wasn'tunpleasant. I licked all of the big thick knob as he slowly fed it to me. ThenI sucked as he fed me more. I gagged when it hit the start of my throat, andhe pulled back a little. The more I sucked and licked the more I got into it. Icould hear the guy behind me breathing heavily, I guessed he was wanking. Mycock, which had shrunk away began to engorge, I was getting turned on. Thenthe other guy replaced the blindfold, I don't know why, but that made it seemsexier and my cock reached it's full 5 inches. Mr. Grant was still holding myhead and he began to rock backwards and forwards, grunting as he fucked my mouthwith his big cock. My jaws were starting to ache but I couldn't do anythingabout it. His cock filled my mouth Preteen Pics on the in stroke, restricting my breathing,so I breathed through my nose. After another 5 minutes I heard the guy behindmoan, he parted my ass cheeks with one hand and Preteen Pics I felt the hot licks of hiscum as it landed in my ass crack and on my pucker. This seemed to turn Mr. Granton."Yes, oh yes." he groaned, pulling my head forwards so that my mouth wasfull of his cock. "I'm going to fill your mouth with my thick man cum! You'dbetter swallow it, I don't like my spunk wasted."I panicked again. "He's cumming in my mouth," I thought, "and he wants meto eat it. Jesus that's gross." But what alternative did I have?His cock swelled and a burst of cum hit the roof of my mouth. Even though Iwas blindfolded I screwed my eyes shut and started to gulp it down. It tastedcoppery, fishy, I dunno, but not as unpleasant as I'd expected. Mr. Grant'scock was blasting away and my mouth was soon full of his thick man cream, sometrickled out of my aching mouth. Suddenly I gagged and choked, and, grosserthan gross, his cum came down my nose! He must have shot 7 or 8 times, butfinally he stopped. He pulled his cock out, it had hardly softened, and wiped itacross my cheek."My God boy, your cute face Preteen Pics looks so sexy with my thick man cum dripping offit I'm going to forgive you for not swallowing it all. It was your first timeafter all. And now for the highlight, cherry pie!" he chortled as I heard himmoving away."Oh shit." I thought as I struggled to regain my breath. "he's really goingto fuck me with that monster cock." I was just about to protest when my chinwas lifted and a soft cock was wiped across my open mouth."Get me hard again!" ordered that voice I couldn't place, and he stuffed itinto my mouth.What could I do? So I started to suck. As I sucked on the guys cock itquickly stiffened and I was relieved to find it was only a little thicker than myown, it was cut, but I couldn't work out how long as the guy had only fed me acouple of inches, at least my jaws wouldn't ache. I'd just settled into thenot unpleasant task when I felt Mr. Grant's big hands on my ass cheeks. Istopped sucking and tensed, not knowing what to expect, my cock lost some of it'sstiffness. He must have knelt down because as he parted my ass cheeks he spatand I felt a blob of saliva hit my pucker."Hey punk," said the stranger, "don't stop sucking. I want my prick niceand hard for when my turn at fucking your cute ass comes."I started sucking Preteen Pics again and tried to concentrate on that. If only suckingtheir cocks off was all I had to do I wouldn't have minded. Mr. Grant placed athick finger on my pucker and spat again. He started to push, I tried to stayrelaxed like I did when I did it to myself, Preteen Pics and his finger went into my hole upto the second knuckle. He frigged it in Preteen Pics and out rapidly. No doubt some of theother guy's cum was pushed up my hole too. He spat again and added a secondfinger, this time he finger fucked me slowly twisting his fingers around, it wasquite sexy. He reached under me and pulled my cock down so that it wastrapped against the cloth. He spat again and added a third finger, this time Ijolted, and gasped as it forced it's way past my sphincter. I stopped sucking, andwas relieved when the guy withdrew his stiffened cock from my mouth, butbefore I could say anything he'd replaced the gag. Mr. Grant started to twist andturn the three fingers that were fucking my virgin hole, then he tried to add afourth. I screamed into my gag as it tried to force it's way past mysphincter, I tensed and I automatically tried to close my sphincter against theinvading extra finger. Mr. Grant withdrew the fourth finger and contented himselfwith opening and closing the other three as he twisted them back and forth. Ifelt the other guys hands on my ass cheeks as he forced them apart allowing Mr.Grant easier access. I was moaning continually into the gag, my ass hurt andall I could think was if his fingers hurt this bad what would his monster cockhurt like?The other guy took a hand off my right ass cheek and began to fondle my ballswhich hung in a loose sac, then he'd occasionally squeeze until the pain mademe flinch. Mr. Grant yanked his fingers from my sore hole, grabbed my freeass cheek and pulled it back apart as he guided his big knob tip into my stillopen hole, putting his other hand on the small of my back. I tensed and brokeout in a sweat and bit down on the gag in anticipation."The more you relax boy, the easier on you this will be!" Mr. Grant Preteen Pics growled.He jolted his hips Preteen Pics forwards and his massive cock entered my hole, the largeknob forcing past my tightened sphincter in one go. I screamed into the gag inagony, the pain was indescribable and then I must have blacked out for severalseconds. When I came round it felt as if my ring was on fire and pain sweptthrough my body. My heart was hammering away and sweat poured out of me. Mr.Grant hadn't moved, I could feel his monster cock throbbing between my ascheeks."You back with us boy?" I heard Mr. Grant as if he were in the distance. "Nod your head if you hear me."I nodded feebly and screamed in agony yet again as he started to pushforwards. I tried to arch my back but his large hand held me firmly in place. Henever stopped until I felt his wiry bush hit my ass cheeks. My ring was burning,pain was shooting through me and it hurt like hell. It felt like he'd shoved abaseball bat up me. The other guy squeezed my balls and I writhed in agonyfrom the extra pain. Mr. Grant held still for about 5 seconds, then he pulledback until just his knob was in my aching hole."Jesus boy!" he moaned "What a sweet, juicy, tight boypussy you've got."Then he plunged back in to the hilt. IT HURT LIKE HELL! He built up a steadyrhythm, and I have to admit the pain eased slightly, but not much. As themonster cock rubbed over my prostate it began to stimulate my cock, which began toengorge once more. The other guy released my balls, moved, and then I feltthe weirdest sensation. He'd taken my stiffening cock in his mouth! He sucked meuntil I was hard, removed his mouth and left my cock hanging down, pushingagainst the thick table covering as it tried to straighten up to it's usualstiff position. Now, as Mr. Grant fucked me my cock was stimulated by the frictionof the heavy cloth, keeping it stiff. I suddenly realised that that frictionand the bruising of my prostate was going to bring me to organism , eventhough I was in pain."Fucking Hell boy! Dig that tongue deep."I was perplexed, and then realised Mr. Grant wasn't talking to me, he wastalking to the other guy who must be licking his crack and hole with his tongueas Mr. Grant fucked me. The big cock in my hole was causing me so much pain,but the pounding of my prostate and the stimulation of the cloth were bringingme closer and closer to ejaculation, my cock had never felt so hard, even myforeskin had peeled back on it's own! I couldn't stand it any more, my cockpulsed and I was cumming all down the cloth, my sphincter clamping down on Mr.Grant's thick cock. It didn't stop him, as I shot load after load of cum ontothe cloth he kept pounding away at my arse. Whatever pleasure I got fromcumming, and it was a lot, didn't stop me feeling the pain his big, fat cock wascausing my ravaged hole. And every time I shot my sphincter automatically triedto close, sending more pain through my aching body."That's it boy" he growled, "cum for Daddy. I want your tight boypussy tolove the pleasure that my big fat juicy prick gives your little boy dick."And he slapped my ass, hard, once on each cheek. I was praying he'd cum soon,but it had only been about 20 minutes since he'd filled my mouth with his hotmancum. Suddenly his cock left my hole. I sighed with relief, then screamedinto the gag again as he forced it back into my tortured hole, not stoppinguntil his balls banged into mine. It was agony. He pulled all the way out again,then plunged all the way back in to the hilt, setting up a steady rhythm .Every time he plunged back in he slapped my ass cheeks hard until they wereburning, as was my aching ring. I couldn't scream anymore, I just grunted as hismassive cock hit home time and time again. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, Iwas desperate for this violation of my body to end. Then I realised my holehad gone kinda numb, I could still feel the monster breaking past my sphincter,still feel it deep inside me, still feel it banging past my prostate, but itbegan to feel sexy, pain still there, but changing to a pain that was turningme on. My cock stiffened, harder than the last time if that was possible, cuzmy foreskin peeled back immediately. This made the rubbing of the cloth on mybare knob even sexier. I could feel the cum building in my balls. Mr. Grantstopped slapping my ass and pulled my cheeks wide apart burying his 10, thick,throbbing inches as deep inside me as it could go."Yes, oh Yes. Fucking YES!" he shouted.He shuddered, his cock grew even bigger, then it erupted deep within mybowels. That was it, I clenched my sphincter and shot my first jet of spunk as heshot his second. Every time I came my sphincter tightened and milked anotherjet of cum from Mr. Grant's cock. I must have shot 8 times this time, then mybody sort of collapsed. Mr. Grant groaned loudly and shot a final burst. Hepulled out of me with a loud plop, and I could feel something trickle fromstretched and aching hole."Oh fuck" I heard the other guy say, "look at those lovely red ass lips."Then he grabbed my still burning cheeks and pushed his cock right in. It hurtas it passed my tender flesh, but it hardly registered as it passed mysphincter. I felt a pair of heavy, hairless balls bang into my sac. He leanedforwards and whispered into my ear."I'm waiting for your hole to close a bit Franky boy, then I'm going to fillyou with MY hot seed!"I couldn't believe they wouldn't leave me alone, I was exhausted, batteredand bruised, but tethered as I was I could do nothing, and the gag stopped mefrom screaming for help. I began to feel the guy's cock in my hot, stickychute. My hole was closing. Soon my sphincter closed enough to grip the cock shaft.Although it was still painful to my ass lips and sphincter it was no wherenear as painful as Mr. Grant's massive cock. I guessed his cock was about 8inches long, and as I said, it was only slightly thicker than my own. I could feelit throbbing now, and I braced myself for another fucking. However before hestarted Mr. Grant lifted my chin with his gig hand."Open your mouth and clean my prick boy!" he ordered, rubbing his slimy knobacross my lips."Fucking gross." I thought to myself, but I knew I had no choice, so Iwearily opened my mouth. I licked and sucked at the big knob, soft now, thank God.I could taste Mr. Grant's cum and my boy juices I suppose, but no blood as I'd feared, and, hopefully, no s**t. I was so engrossed with the task in hand(or mouth I should say), that I hadn't realised the other Preteen Pics guy had started tofuck Preteen Pics me, very slowly, very gently. I wanted this over with quickly, so,remembering my sphincter's effect on Mr. Grant's cock, I tightened my sphincter asbest I could. I actually got a slight kick out of the extra pain it caused me.The other guy started moaning and increased his pace until he was fucking mehard, but he never took his cock all the way out like Mr. Grant. I felt a tap onthe head and opened my mouth as Mr. Grant withdrew his cleaned cock."Well done Franky," he murmured in a husky voice, "it'll soon be over."I Preteen Pics hoped so. I concentrated on the cock up my arse, the guy was groaning andgrunting as he continued to fuck me, his hands on my ass cheeks pulling themapart. I couldn't believe it when my cock started to stiffen yet again, but Iwasn't going to cum again because the guy was ready to cum himself. He plungedhard into me, his cock pulsating rapidly."I'm cumming!" he Preteen Pics moaned and I felt him spurt deep inside me, his cum mixingwith Mr. Grant's heavy load.He shot about 6 times then pulled quickly out wiping his cock across my asscheeks. My body collapsed once more and I prayed to God that my ordeal wasover. They didn't speak again, but someone tenderly wiped my ass crack with amoist cloth as the other one untied my legs, then they released an arm each. Theydidn't remove the gag or blindfold. I panicked again when Mr. Grant lifted meoff the table and threw me over his shoulder, my half hard cock grazing hismuscled chest. What were they going to do with me now? Mr. Grant carried meseveral paces. I heard a door open and the sound of running water started. Mr.Grant moved a couple of paces and sat me down on tiled floor under a warm shower.After a minute or so I heard the Stage fire door slam shut. I removed theblindfold and gag, then I didn't move for about 5 minutes, I just sat thereenjoying the soothing warm shower on my aching body. Eventually I stood up verygingerly, my legs were trembling. My stomach cramped and I only just made it tothe head in time, as I sat my guts voided into the bowl. When I'd done I gotback under the shower and cleaned myself off. I felt my hole, it was very tenderand still not fully closed. Going to get a towel I saw a note and a tube ofointment on a table, as I dried off I read the note.When you're showered and dryapply the cream to your hole, it'llsoothe it and help it close. I hopeyou'll come to like what happenedto you. Leave by the fire door.Here is a contact phone no.I didn't know Preteen Pics what to think, so I applied the ointment very carefully andwent to find my clothes. They were on the bale next to the one I'd been raped on,and Mr. Grant had thoughtfully left a pair of white Jockey's with them, Idressed, reflecting on what had happened, already I was remembering the pleasuremore than the pain. In fact, when the other guy fucked me I was starting toenjoy it. I looked around, some one had wiped the table and floor, there was nosign of what had gone on. I left slamming the fire door behind me. I collectedmy bicycle and decided I'd better wheel it home, I didn't fancy sitting onthe saddle. Luckily home is only a ten minute walk, well it took me fifteentoday. I walked very carefully my hole sending me little reminders of it's abuseat every step, which in turn made my cock stir, weird. I live with my Momalone, Dad cleared off 5 years ago, she's a nurse and she's working nights, so I've got the apartment to myself.I had to tell someone about my adventure, so I emailed you. I've come torealise I like to get fucked, I mean I shot my two biggest loads ever with a cockup my ass, and I wasn't even wanking it! Although my hole aches, it's a sortof sexy ache now, and it also feels very empty. Writing this has given me araging hard on again, so I'm going to find the Vaseline and see if I can get acouple of fingers up my boy pussy as I toss off. And when I've finished?...Well, I think I'll ring Mr. Grant!THE Preteen Pics END. Dedicated to thespian This work is copyrighted to the authorCopyright October 2004.
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